Here it begins…

I refuse to live my life according to what’s expected or how others believe I should. There are no rules in this life, not for me anyway. I truly believe, and as one of my core values, that life should be an adventure full of experiences. Adventure. Taking risks and putting myself out there in the world to live in it, through it, to shape it. I can’t do that sitting at a desk everyday and doing meaningless work that I don’t enjoy.

My friends and I in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m on the far left.

This is why I’ve started this blog. I want to chronicle my adventures and give some inspiration to those who might need it. I want to show any who come across my posts that, even in your 30’s, you can do whatever you want and love. It’s never too late and your dreams aren’t too big to accomplish. My dream has always been to give back to the world and do some good while I’m still breathing. My focus is on education and providing opportunities to children all over the world to receive the tools they need to succeed in an ever globalized economy and work force.

My dreams coupled with my passion to travel the world has led me to pursue teaching English abroad. This blog will not only showcase my travels but give my readers an in-depth look at the process of leaving my life in the US behind, moving internationally, and settling into my new home. I will go over how to get your TEFL (or TESOL, CELTA, etc.) certification, how to search for English teaching positions, as well as the process of actually moving from your home to your destination.

I will also be posting daily thoughts as part of the “Live Your LegendStart-A-Blog Challenge. I was inspired by the late Scott Dinsmore and his wife Chelsea when I watched his Tedx talk on youtube. His story as well as his passion to live an exciting and fulfilling life really struck a chord with me and I decided to give it everything I have and do the same. I hope you enjoy my posts, my story, and learn something along the way. Enjoy!

– Alexanio


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