What really makes me angry about the world…

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Hmm.. how to answer this without actually getting angry and ruining my morning.

I suppose there is no way.

This is usually the case with things that one is passionate about, right!? I get extremely angry about the lack of education for women in third world/developing countries as well as the ignorance that permeates our society in terms of politics and education. The lack of education is a given and I will delve into that later but the ignorance I see in this world is mind boggling.

This is a long post so excuse my ramblings.

Trump is our president. Enough said.

Our politics in the US is in shambles. We elected a man that has no business being president. He may be a great business man (which I say very lightly given his track record) but he isn’t a great tactician nor does he have good policies (does anyone even know what those are to this day?). This is a huge red flag in terms of the ignorance in our world. Look at Marie Le Pen as well. They both ran their campaigns on hate and stupidity yet they are in positions of power (or soon will be pending the French elections). Brexit anyone? A common theme running rampant in the world right now is hate, fear, ignorance, and lack of education.

Lack of education, whether formal or as self-study, is a driving force in the downturn that I’ve been seeing in the world. The rise of the alt-right and extreme conservatism globally is astonishing. We are publicly banning Muslims, nations are discriminating against LGBTQA, racism is running rampant in Western countries, and females are still fighting for equal rights… It’s 2017 people. These shouldn’t be issues yet here they remain. These aren’t anything new but due to social media and the internet, we are now more connected than ever and these issues are in everyone’s face, accessible 24/7.

People aren’t educating themselves. They aren’t researching political parties, backgrounds of world leaders, what the issues truly are and how to solve them. World governments are spying on their people and other nations, developing back handed trade deals, and divulging false information to keep themselves in power. There is no transparency anymore and we all just take what our governments are saying at face value, leading to economies collapsing and wars erupting. What’s in Trump’s tax plan and how is it going to affect the US? No one knows because the document he released is a 250 words long that bullet points his plan… Is anyone questioning this? Probably not because in general, we don’t know enough about politics to even start a discussion about it.

*Reader: Do you know what Islam is or who Muslims are?
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They aren’t evolving with the times, especially when it comes to the work force, expecting Trump to bring back manufacturing jobs despite the fact that most of those jobs will be automated by 2025. According to one study, the share of tasks by robots globally will rise to 25% from the current 10%. It’s ignorant to think that Trump could possibly bring back all of the jobs his demo is expecting.

Cost of education in the US specifically is insane, which is contributing the to lack of pursuing education by young people due to them (or their parents) not being able to afford it: but that doesn’t excuse ignorance. Educate yourselves, learn something new about different cultures and peoples, pick up a book, lend a kind word to someone struggling who doesn’t know about the world. Research your politicians and learn about their policies before you elect them. Get out of your comfort zones and experience something new, talk to different people, get involved in your community. TRAVEL.

Everyone is so locked in their own bubbles that they don’t see the world around them. Muslims aren’t the problem. What is the root cause of Islamic or Muslim terrorism? Lack of education, poverty, lack of jobs, Western exploitation, wars for economy, I can go one for days. The one thing it isn’t about is religion, which is what people are being persecuted for. What is the root cause of racism? Ignorance. Ignorance of other peoples culture and beliefs, who they truly are and what they represent. What is the root cause of Trump? Uneducated people who lack awareness. It’s the truth. He was elected by people that want jobs and are in desperate need of income to provide for their families. By people who are disillusioned with previous administrations because they felt they didn’t have a voice. People who feel left behind.

What if they educated themselves? What if they actually researched Trump’s policies and his background? What if they sought formal education and got with the times? Trump wouldn’t be president. Clinton might not be either. The point is that those people aren’t wrong but they made uneducated decisions. They are ignorant. The concept of humans working in manufacturing is dead. Trump hasn’t implemented a single thing that is worthy of a presidency. Health care is still horrible, jobs are still no where to be found (for the Trump demographic anyway), he has brought in billionaires who know nothing about education or international diplomacy to be leaders in his administration… His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is his senior adviser who also has no experience in politics or administration.

I’m using Trump as an example of ignorance and how uneducated people permeate this ignorance to get him elected. Not just the lack of formal education, because you don’t need a bachelors to make a smart choice, but the lack of self-study in the world. No one does their due diligence anymore. Everyone believes what the mass media says as being complete truth, what social media conveys as “the way” to follow. Jesus Christ, Trump (the US president) gets his information from Fox News & Friends for crying out loud. He creates policy based on a conservative media outlet’s opinions. I’m not conservative (if you couldn’t tell) but even so, I educate myself on what’s going on in the world. I travel and meet people to gain a better understanding of what this world is about. I’ve voted Republican in the past despite being a Democrat because it was the better choice.

In the US, we lack even the most basic quality education for the poor. We are 35th in Math and 25th in Science global rankings according to OECD’s PISA results. That’s abysmal for being the “greatest country in the world”. As of 2014, the US is ranked 14th out of 40 industrial countries for overall education according to a study by Pearson. We are also ranked 5th out of 40 countries in ignorance according to a survey by Ipsos MORI, which is very telling. I don’t take these reports or surveys as fact but they reveal a lot regarding the underlying issues the world is facing.

Which brings me to education for women in third world/developing countries. Women have to fight for the right to become educated in certain countries. The lack of gender equality and parity is an issue that gets me heated. According to a report by Unesco Institute of Statistics, more than 30 million girls of primary-school age are still out of school today and more than 90 million don’t transition into secondary education. This is due to many factors including the cost of schooling, cultures and societal norms that don’t value female’s learning, lack of schools, and girls forced into marriage at an early age or after secondary school.

It’s ridiculous that over 120 million females around the world are lacking education. I believe ignorance contributes to this as well. Ignorance of the power of educated women, how they can change entire countries when they are allowed to become educated. The belief that men are better than women or that women have a place other than in the work force or as leaders. I was raised by women, which is what influenced my thinking today, and I’ve seen their power first hand. Women are equal to men in every sense and it makes me angry that there are still people in the world who believe the contrary.

The economic benefits alone should spur the rise in educating women globally. The rise in literacy and technical skills allows for growth of a more knowledgeable work force, increasing output and quality. This in turn would cause GDP to grow and companies to be more innovative and efficient. There’s also other benefits, decreased human trafficking, more diverse political representation, higher income potential (again, driving GDP up and decreasing poverty), and greater health improvements (safer sex, healthier children). Not to mention happier families and communities. Don’t you want your mother, sister, aunts, friends and every female in your life to do well and succeed? Yes. The answer you’re looking for is yes.

My entire point here is this: education, formal or informal, can lead people in the world to make better decisions. Access to education and the resources needed to learn can help in curbing ignorance of the world, of reducing political corruption, of gender inequality, of the lack of sense in the world right now. Travel and meet different people from different cultures. Do your due diligence before giving over your freedom to those who won’t represent your best interest. Learn about the issues enveloping the world and the root causes behind them. Stop letting ignorance run your life and educate yourself. Pick up a book, use reliable resources for your information, question everything because that is your right. Stop following blindly and start taking stake in your own life.

The world is an amazing place, if you just learn about it.

– Alexanio

*Muslims are those who follow Islam, a sect of Abrahamism who follow the word of the Quran, God’s word verbatim, first brought to them through the prophet Mohammed.


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