What do you love helping people with?

This post is part of the daily blog challenge from Live Your Legend.
Daily Challenge #3.

These are my opinions and based on my personal experience.

The original question for this challenge is, “What do people thank you for?” The point of the question is to give some thought to the ways I help people with my talents, skills and passions that I might not be realizing (or giving myself credit for). It’s a hard question to answer because in my experience, when I help people utilizing the above, it’s thankless. I don’t help others to be thanked or to receive some sort of recognition. I help others because I love to help where I can, especially for those I truly care about.

I decided to answer the alternative question, which is the title of this post. I love helping. I love being of help because it gives me purpose and a sense of being a part of the whole. I added some pictures of my family, whom aren’t related by blood by the way, to prove a point. I truly believe you choose your family and we actually have a saying, “family by choice”. I love my immediate family and always will, but as I get older I find that I’ve started to create¬†my own circle of close friends that I’ve come to consider “true” family. These are the people I help and go out of my way for, outside of my immediate family. These are the people I can depend on if anything goes wrong and vice versa.

I tend to be socially closed off to allowing people into my inner circle, although I love to meet new people and become friends: but there is a difference between friends and family I feel. I don’t go out of my way to help my friends, not to the extent that I do for my family. Those that I consider family, I’ll do anything for them. I specifically love to help them by listening to whatever issue they may be going through and having a supportive conversation to work through those issues. Whether it be job related, relationships, or even finances. I love feeling like I can give some third party insight that will actually help my family move forward.

I also love using my tech and higher education expertise to help others, not just my family. My friends or acquaintances will often come to me for help with computer related issues, graphic design needs, and software help. I’m a huge techy and love to stay on top of what is cutting edge and current. For instance, I love to build computers, so people will often come to me for help with pc hardware issues. I also help with getting into college or university. Most of my career has been spent in higher education so I know how to navigate admission processes and financial aid. I actually just helped a friend get into an MBA program at a top university here in Houston.

In general, I love to help with anything. If it’s within my power, chances are I will help you. If it’s not within my power, I probably won’t even attempt to help you unless your my true family.


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