What’s your elevator pitch?

This post is part of the daily blog challenge from Live Your Legend.
Daily Challenge #5.

These are my opinions and based on my personal experience.

My pitch is constantly evolving but right now it goes like this:

I work in higher education as an MBA recruiter, helping students all over the world obtain their masters degree. I also work towards equal gender parity in developing and third world countries.

It’s slightly long winded but so far it’s gotten good responses. Especially my work with gender parity. Most people I speak to don’t even know what that means!

Gender Parity: a socioeconomic index usually designed to measure the relative access to education of males and females.

My work focuses on girls and women in developing/third world countries. After my experiences in the Rep. of Georgia, I realized the disparity in females education versus males. Specifically in male dominated societies, it’s a huge issue. I was raised by women so I have a soft spot in my heart for access to education for all females. It was really hard to watch girls from multiple villages in rural Georgia not have access to education due to societal expectations (such as early marriage or outdated notions of a woman’s place in the home) or due to financial strains on the family and needing the daughter to start work early.

I am working on starting a social business that caters to education and donates part of its profits to funding educational programs for girls and women, as well as providing support for education materials. The fact that I’m currently in higher education also helps me understand the landscape better. In my past posts I mention that I don’t care for my job and it’s because I don’t care for the particular sector that my jobs falls in, recruiting. Most top colleges and universities don’t recruit on the basis of opportunity or need. They recruit based on metrics and to meet budgetary goals. I hate this practice.

I’m hoping to ditch the MBA recruiting portion of my pitch and focus solely on my gender disparity portion in the future.

– Alexanio


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