What difference do you want to make?

This post is part of the daily blog challenge from Live Your Legend.
Daily Challenge #6.

These are my opinions and based on my personal experience.

I want to be able to look back on my life and not have any regrets, which I know is a cliché but I take it seriously. To truly not have any regrets, that is a fulfilling life to me and one worth living. It means that I took every opportunity presented to me, that I didn’t let life pass me by. I refuse to be a bystander.

There is a common theme in my posts and it’s rather glaring: education for females in order to close the gender parity gap. My passion comes from 3 things:

  1. I was raised by women. My mother taught me, and showed me, that women are equal to men in every regard. This was ingrained in me by my grandmother, aunts, cousins, and sister. They were there when no man was, namely my father, and raised me to be the man I am today. While I did have some father figures, such as my grandfather, they weren’t a constant in my life. The women in my life have always been dependable.
  2. My experience in the Republic of Georgia was an amazing one to say the least but the gender issues I witnessed were astonishing. Females of all ages being held back from a career, higher education (even secondary education), religious freedom, and even social freedom, simply because of their gender. Georgia isn’t a bad place at all and even though these issues were prevalent, these issues aren’t representative of the entire country. They are present enough to notice though.
  3. My great-grandmother was a pioneer in women’s rights. She started the first women’s center (well-baby) in a small town called Claremont in California, USA in 1930. She was a pillar in the community and served as a civic leader, creating fundraisers for education, social services, and the red cross by rallying the women of Claremont. She also made a huge impact in Mexican-American relations by pushing for integration of schools, again, by using the power of mothers.
My great-grandmother, at her taco stand “Rosa’s Tacos”, raising funds for her church. This stand operated for 34 years. @Claremont Courier

All of this has inspired me to continue in my legacy of forwarding women’s rights. My particular passion in education is the reason I want to focus on gender parity in developing/third world countries. If I can close the gap, even by the smallest margin, it would mean I did something for the world to make it that much better. I plan on going into social entrepreneurship and starting my own business with a focus on educational materials for primary (elementary) and secondary (middle and high school) groups. I currently have an idea but I’m trying to work out the details and create a thorough business plan. Once that gets fleshed out, I’ll announce it!

I’m hoping that by writing weekly, I can work out some of the details of my business by getting my thoughts out of my head and onto this blog. I’m also hoping that I can meet some like minded people who I can collaborate with or even create some partnerships. At the very least, I hope to inspire others to make their own change, in whatever way that manifests.

– Alexanio


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