Visiting Chicago while pursuing my TEFL. The famous Chicago “Bean”, Cloud Gate.

Welcome to Romani Wolf! All posts are dedicated to chronicling my travels, experiences, and to educate any who wish to learn about international living. This blog has been started as part of the “Live Your Legend” Start-A-Blog Challenge. I’ve wanted to create some sort of outlet for myself where I can share my knowledge of travel, expat lifestyles, and the many different cultures I come into contact with. I hope this site is inspiring and give you the courage and confidence to travel and follow your dreams.

I chose the name, Romani Wolf, because I feel I have a gypsy’s soul (thus the Romani). I don’t live anywhere longer than 2 years, I’ve lived in many cities within the US, and I have a passion for traveling internationally. I also thrive within groups that I care for, such as my friends and family, especially when we travel together. I have had my best experiences in life when I travel with those I love (thus the Wolf as they are pack animals).

I currently live in Houston, TX USA but will be moving abroad in the coming year to follow my passion of education and travel. I’m in my early 30’s and have finally let go of my fears and decided to make traveling and pursuing my dream of education for all a reality. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my blog!

– Alexanio (Ah-ley-han-niyo)